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Once meta achievements are done, you settle on a strat you like for a battle and that just becomes your 'go-to' every time. No need for tabs.

WoW Quest: In den Schlund!

P You already reported this comment. D You already reported this comment. Respond You must be logged in to vote on comments 2. You must be logged in to vote on comments 3. You must be logged in to vote on comments 0. I am at the Legion World Quest page and all I see is a table listing my pets. To the left on the page, I see all the zones other than Argus. I'm using FF, if that makes a difference. As of today, the section is also accessible from the main page under Quicklinks placed right side. Black Claw.

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  • Der Schlund.

Then Flock, and its over with. Can we expect Argus updates? Check the Argus category and you'll see all those new fights listed: I can't find it I'll keep looking. XD You already reported this comment. Tamer Felsoul Seer.

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  4. Just defeated with photo whelp drake 1 2 1, infinite whelping 1 Any pet. After your drake dies tail swipe with the infinite whelping. Easy battle You already reported this comment.


    A quick search of wowhead Beasts of Burden shows many suggestions with quite a few based on the Iron Starlette. But isn't there always a but poster Adorabull has a method where you can do half the fight as many times as you want, getting leveling pet exp each time. Requires only an Iron Starlette. Very clever and perhaps of interest to your fans. Not a lot of xp but enough to get them past the iffy stage for leveling. Also, you are correct; you can fight either trainer as many times as you want for leveling xp - the key is to not do the 2nd trainer until you are ready to complete the WQ.

    Thank you for pointing that out. Many tanx for pointing that out. Do you have an area for assorted pet battles found in odd areas like class halls and the like? It's the Miscellaneous tab. The Shaman pet battle I thought is fairly easy to do, but I have no way of testing it unfortunately.

    Is it a difficult one that should be up here somewhere? It's a while ago since I did it, so I don't remember the pets or the steps I used though.

    Phiole der Sande

    Name or email: Forgot your username? Caps Lock is on! Hauptartikel The Broken Shore Illidarimeister: Sissix Illidarimeister: Madame Viciosa Illidarimeister: Namenloser Mystiker Dalaran Kampfnacht: Amalia Familienfest. Legion Weltquests.

    Der Schlund - NPC - World of Warcraft

    You said That's not correct. Ein gutes aquatisches Haustier ist der Winziger roter Karpfen. Mit Stachelhaut wird der Schaden und somit auch die Heilung von Lebensentzug nicht nur verringert, es wird auch effektiver Schaden ausgeteilt. Leider hat der Karpfen keinen guten Angriff.

    Haustierkampf Guide

    Winziger roter Karpfen. Mit diesen Haustieren an erster Stelle ist der Kampf sogar noch schneller vorbei. Cookies helfen uns bei der Bereitstellung unserer Dienste. Durch die Nutzung unserer Dienste erklären Sie sich damit einverstanden, dass wir Cookies setzen. Login Registrieren. Der Schlund.


    Zurück zur Übersicht. Stats und Fähigkeiten. Der Schlund Taktik zum besiegen. Amalia Kampfnacht: Bodhi Sonnenreiter Kampfnacht: Heliosus Kampfnacht: Sir Galveston Kampfnacht: Fiese Ratten! Klitzeklitzekleiner Kampfnacht: